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Expedite time-to-insight with a simple and rapid Hi-C or HiChIP workflow

Hi-C and HiChIP are proximity ligation methods that capture the three-dimensional (3D) organizational structure and long-range, gene regulatory interactions of chromatin, where genomic sequences that are closer to each other in the 3D space can be distal to each in linear distance, thereby preserving long-range sequence and structure information prior to sequencing. Post-sequencing, this data can be used for multiple genomic applications, including identification of promoter-enhancer interactions for gene regulation studies and Hi-C scaffolding of contigs for genome assemblies to define chromosomes de novo.

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The Arima-HiC+ Kit is a highly simplified and robust protocol that streamlines Hi-C and HiChIP experiments,

followed by library prep and and next-generation sequencing. With its ease of use and proven performance, the Arima-HiC+ kit empowers researchers to apply long-range genetic sequence and structure information towards the understanding of a wide range of biological processes—from human health and disease to species evolution.